Attention! New Portfolio Page is Live!

Moshe Amos

Attention everyone! We would like to draw your attention to our brand new portfolio page. It showcases some of our latest work and provides a glimpse into the level of quality and creativity that we are capable of delivering. If you’re interested in seeing what we’ve been up to, or if you’re in need of inspiration for your next project, be sure to check out our portfolio page. You won’t be disappointed!

We invite you to take a look to see the stunning transformations we’ve achieved through our home restoration projects. From outdated and damaged homes to beautiful and functional living spaces, our portfolio showcases our expertise and dedication to quality workmanship. Check it out now to see for yourself!

For example: take a look at this stunning kitchen transformation that will leave you amazed! From outdated and cramped to sleek and spacious, this kitchen renovation showcases the power of creativity and skilled craftsmanship. With beautiful new cabinets, countertops, and flooring, as well as updated appliances and lighting, this kitchen is now a functional and stylish space that is perfect for cooking, entertaining, and enjoying time with family and friends. Don’t miss the chance to see this incredible transformation for yourself!


Moshe Amos

Moshe has more over 15 years as a licensed contractor in the New York City area. 

As a New York State-licensed Mold Assessor, he is especially knowledgeable about mold assessment and remediation.


Fire & Water Damage ‧ Mold Remediation ‧ Asbestos & Lead ‧ All Abatement ‧ Total Renovation