Help Get Insurance to Pay for Water Damage

insurance water damage

Water damage can be one of the most costly types of damage to repair and replace. Rain, floods, and leaks are unavoidable. When an insurance company receives a water damage claim, they will decide whether or not to pay for the claims based on several factors. If the worst happens, you will have to file […]

Should carpet be replaced after water damage?

mold investigation

Flooding, leaks and underfloor burst pipes are some of the ways your carpet may get wet. Water damage is a serious issue that many New York residents deal with. It may be due to old infrastructure and pipes, a result of living in apartment buildings and suffering from a neighbors damage, storms and other weather […]

Mold vs. Mildew

NYC Homeowner finds mold behind his kitchen cabinets

First and foremost, if you have a mold concern in your home, we highly recommend contacting a licensed professional to identify the fungus. Although mold and mildew can look the same to an untrained eye, there are differences.  The risk of having mold in your home could be harmful to you and your family’s health. […]

Water Mitigation

water drying

If you have just been victim of a flood or had a pipe burst in your home or office, you may have been told that Water Mitigation is the first thing you need to do. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 13.7% of all water used in the home today can be attributed to plumbing […]

How to prevent mold growth after water damage?

MOld after water damage from dampness

Preventing Mold Growth After Water Damage While preventing floods and certain water damages can be hard due to the uncertainty in calamities, mold can be kept at bay. Mold is a particular type of fungi that grows in damp surfaces especially if the surface provides cellulose base to support its growth. The fungi start to […]

Flooded basement – will my insurance cover?

flooded basement

Flooded basements – what to do if a basement floods? Few things in a homeowner’s life are so stressful as a flooded basement. Unfortunately for your insurance, this is also among the most unclear situations you can face regarding insurance coverage and claims. Some causes of flooding the home owner’s insurance policy will cover, while […]

Tips to Prevent Water & Fire Damage and other Home Disasters this Holiday

holiday season disasters

The winter holidays are supposed to be joyful and packed with friends, family, and delightful festivities. Yet the unfortunate side effects of so much decorating, cooking, and celebrating often lead to possibly serious dangers in your house or apartment. The way to avoid a tragic conclusion to your festive season is to be aware of […]

What to do after Water Damage in NYC Apartment

water damage

Water Damage is not something you can really prepare for or always avoid. A sudden flood or discovery of a water damage from an underfloor leaking pipe can be a cause for significant damage and stress so knowing what to do when disaster strikes to minimize the short- and long-term damage is important. Renters Insurance […]