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What should I do to prevent mold growth in my home?
The key to preventing mold growth is to identify and control moisture and water problems. Mold spores are everywhere, including your home, and they can grow on any surface that has sufficient moisture.
Common sources of moisture are:

  • Roof leaks
  • Indoor plumbing leaks
  • Outdoor drainage problems
  • Damp basements and crawl spaces
  • Steam from the bathroom or kitchen
  • Condensation on cool surfaces
  • Humidifiers
  • Wet clothes drying inside the home
  • A clothes dryer venting indoors
  • Poor or improper ventilation of heating and cooking appliances
What should I do when damage occurs?
Call your insurance company to let them know. Then call NYTDR.
Your insurance company and NYTDR will talk you through the steps after damage.
Here are a few tips…
– Do your best to stop the source of water, and to soak up the standing water.
– Do not enter a home damaged by fire, unless the fire department says it is okay.
– Request a copy of the fire report from your fire department. This report will provide helpful information to your insurance company and restoration company
– Document the damage by taking pictures of the affected areas and items.
– Do not throw anything away.
Do I have to hire a professional to clean up the damage?
We highly recommend talking with a professional, like NYTDR. If water, smoke, mold, asbestos and lead are not cleaned and remediated correctly, there could be serious risks to your health and the structure of your home. Specialized equipment is required to rid a home of water, smoke, mold, asbestos and lead. A professional, like NYTDR, will help you through the insurance process so that you can recover quickly from your damage and loss and restore your home to its pre-damaged state.
Do I have to use the restoration company my insurance company recommends?
No, you do not need to use the restoration company your insurance company recommends.
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