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Do you think your New York home has asbestos or leads? Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) were used in building construction between the 1940s and 1970s due to their durability and resistance to heat and fire. Unfortunately, exposure to these materials has been linked to mesothelioma (a fatal lung cancer) and other lung-related issues.

Similarly, leads were added to paint to improve its quality and durability and prevent it from deterioration some decades ago. However, lead-based paints were banned in 1978 due to their link to health issues, especially in children. Exposure to leads can cause severe damage to a child’s brain and nervous systems, hearing and speech problems, developmental delays, and more. Further, it can cause blood pressure, kidney problems, and other health issues in adults.

Don’t risk the health of your loved ones if you think you have asbestos or lead in your home or commercial property. Contact our New York asbestos and lead removal professionals today to get your home tested for these hazardous materials. Our technicians are trained and licensed to safely test your home for asbestos and lead and remove them from your home quickly and in line with IICRC guidelines.

Our asbestos & lead abatement process

Free initial consultation


We start our abatement services by offering you a free consultation. Once we have an agreement, our experts will visit your home to inspect your property using high-tech equipment. Then, we will evaluate the cost of the removal and restoration and send an estimate to your insurance company. Our technicians have years of experience testing New York homes and businesses for asbestos and leads. So you can trust our team to get the job done the right way.



Our insurance specialist will help you process your insurance claims. 

We’ll ensure you get enough compensation to cover the project, so you don’t pay a penny from your pocket.

Asbestos and lead removal


We move to your site with our high-tech equipment to remove the hazardous materials from your home completely and dispose of them safely in line with all relevant regulations and guidelines. After removing and cleaning your space, we’ll conduct a clearance test to ensure your home is free of asbestos and lead.

Property restoration


After safely removing these hazardous materials from your home, our property restoration team will carry out repairs and other necessary fixes in your home and ensure your property is restored to its beautiful state.