Water Damage restoration


If you are looking for water damage restoration in New York, NYTDR (New York Total Damage Restoration) is your answer. Leading NYC restoration contractors, specializing in water damage cleanup, NYTDR proudly serves the residential and commercial area of Manhattan, NY. 

The extent of water damage is usually not visible and therefore ensuring a professional water damage emergency service is used for the water removal (to both extract and completely dry out all affected areas) as well as professional contractor to identify any hidden issues, identify and treat or prevent mold and restore and renovate. 

Water Damage, whether from a burst pipe, flood or even a slow water leak occurs very quickly and time is of essence in dealing with it.  Since detecting the water source can sometimes be tricky in apartment buildings, particulary older buildings, New York water damage often poses additional challenges. 

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Clean-up Services

There is a proper way to clean up water damage from your home. Some homeowners think they can dry it out themselves, however to avoid additional problems down the road like mold, we encourage you to have a professional complete the task the right way.

  1. Water extraction – emergency water removal
  2. Removal of infected materials such as; ceiling, wall or floor materials
  3. Where there is water there could be MOLD. Assessing mold damage in your home. Mold can begin to form within 48 hours of your water leak
  4. Renovating, restoring and remodeling.

NYTDR (New York Total Damage Restoration) offers a free assessment, no obligation consultation. If you think you may have a water problem in your home, don’t wait contact us today!

The source of water damage can be as simple as a leaking toilet, to a burst pipe, to a storm or flood damage. If water-damaged areas are not promptly and correctly dried out – mold can grow, creating even more damage. NYTDR water damage repair service in New York City covers you from the emergency disaster cleanup through full property restoration.

Water Damage Restoration Service

1. If the water source is unknown, we will use specialized equipment to determine where the water is coming from. If the source is still active, we will stop it.

2. Our Insurance Adjuster will inspect and evaluate your property, documenting all items that have been damaged and recording any lasting harm to the structure of the home (This will help get the most out of your water damage home insurance.) As with fire damage restoration, we will dispose of items that cannot be recovered, and inventory items that can be salvaged by cleaning, packaging, and transporting the items to a climate-controlled facility for storage.

We will categorize the damage appropriately:

  • Category I is  “clean”  water
  • Category II is  “gray”  water, some degree of contamination
  • Category III is  “black”  water, high degree of contamination

We will extract and dehumidify, removing all water. Our commercial dehumidification equipment will pull any water from the interior and structure of your home. Whether mold has grown and requires remediation or sewage has backed up, our water damage cleanup specialists do it all. We will clean and sanitize with “green safe” antimicrobial products. Our nyc water damage restoration contractors will follow the IICRC guidelines (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

4. We will restore your home to be as good as new, or even better!

Suspect You Have hidden New York Water Damage? 

Some signs of potential water damage could include the following:

  • Moldy or musty smells
  • Bubbles in the wall or laminate flooring where moisture is getting in
  • Condensation coming from your walls
  • Buckled floorboards

If you encounter any of these signs in your apartment or condo we encourage you to contact us today for a free consult to do a proper inspection to determine if you have water damage in your home. Then, NYTDR will take proper steps to correct the problem before things worsen in your home or the surrounding apartment in your building.

NYTDR will work with your Insurance Directly

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