the nytdr HOME RESTORATION process

Our 3-step process to full property restoration

Over the years, we have developed a quick, convenient, and seamless restoration process to help our clients get an over-the-top experience. We understand that fire and water damage to your property can disrupt your life and be emotionally stressful. Our goal is to help you fix the situation so you can get back to living your normal life in no time. Whatever damage your penthouse, condo, or brownstone may have suffered, whether it is mold, fire, or water damage, our experts can help you in three easy steps.

1. Emergency Cleanup and Restoration Services

As soon as damage occurs, call us and we will walk you through the steps involved in restoring your home. We are highly trained professionals, skilled to restore homes to their pre-damaged state quickly. We use the latest equipment and techniques to clean and restore your damaged home.

2. Adjuster and Insurance Management

We not only clean and restore your home, we also help you through the insurance claim process. We work directly with your insurance company to ensure that you receive a settlement of an appropriate amount to cover the cost of your restoration.

3. Planning and Designing your Remodel

Because we are strongly affiliated with New York Kitchen and Bath (NYKB) we can guide you through the design process, too. We design the space to look as close to it did pre-damage as possible, or we can turn it into an all new space you always dreamt of. The convenience our NYTDR and NYKB bring to the homeowner is undeniable.

4. Total Restoration Remodeling Services

Our team of knowledgeable contractors sets us apart. We will rebuild your home quickly with the utmost care and consideration for your time and pocket book.


Adjuster And Insurance Management

When you contact NYTDR for your property’s restoration, we will come and assess the damage to your home. We’ll inspect every aspect of your home to ensure all hidden damage is unveiled. Then, we will help you through the complicated claim process for New York City-insured property damage. 

Working directly with your insurance company, we make sure you receive a fair settlement: the right amount to cover the cost of your restoration. And we do this at no cost to you.


Planning and Designing Your Restoration or Renovation

Once the insurance approves your claim, we will work with you to understand your desires for your space and create a plan to meet your needs. Whether you want your space to look the same as it was before the damage, make adjustments to the former design, or create something entirely new, our designers will help you put your vision to paper.

After we take accurate measurements, our designers go to work. With expertise and creativity in many beautiful styles – including modern, traditional, Mediterranean, and craftsman – they will provide unlimited revisions, reimagining every aspect of your space until you are completely satisfied. 


Restoration of Your Home to Its Pristine Condition

Once all your new materials have arrived, construction for your renovation will begin and will follow a sophisticated scheduling system. The crew – including highly-skilled craftsmen – will remain the same throughout the project, as will the project manager. Handling any schedule alterations or problems, the project manager will make sure the work is completed as fast as possible – and will keep lines of communication open between you and everyone associated with your project.

We’ll communicate with you throughout the process and ensure you are never left in the dark. Our compassionate, friendly, and professional team will treat your home with respect, just like ours. After restoring your home to your taste, one of our inspectors will visit your space to ensure the work meets our high-quality standards.

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NYTDR – Full Restoration Services
As soon as damage occurs, call us. We’ll walk you through all the steps in restoring your home. As highly trained professionals with extensive experience in New York City, we use the latest equipment and techniques to quickly clean up and restore homes to their pre-damaged state. We can do this for your home.


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