Shocking transformation of a completely damaged kitchen!

TYPE: Kitchen

LOCATION: Brooklyn



About this Brooklyn Kitchen Restoration

Before the transformation, the Brooklyn kitchen was in a dire state, suffering extensive damage from water exposure. Mold had infiltrated both inside and on the exterior of the cabinets, creating a hazardous and unsightly environment. The severity of the water damage was evident in the peeling, warping, and overall terrible condition of the lower cabinets, countertops, and upper cabinets alike. The kitchen’s functionality and aesthetics were severely compromised, presenting an urgent need for a comprehensive overhaul.

NYTDR stepped in to undertake a remarkable transformation of this beleaguered space. The renovation began with implementing robust anti-mold preventative measures to ensure the longevity and healthiness of the kitchen environment. In its place, a breathtaking, modern design was introduced, characterized by bright white cabinets that instantly lightened and refreshed the space. Stainless steel appliances were selected for their sleek appearance and durability, complementing the new cabinetry with their contemporary feel. To maximize the kitchen’s potential, full wall-to-ceiling cabinets were installed, offering abundant storage solutions and enhancing the room’s sense of space. This thoughtful redesign not only enlarged the kitchen’s appearance but also created a brighter, more inviting atmosphere. The result was a stunningly appealing Brooklyn kitchen that married functionality with modern aesthetics, transforming a once deteriorated space into a vibrant heart of the home.


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