9 Quick Tips for Emergency Water Damage for the NYC Homeowner

Moshe Amos


No one plans for water damage in their home, and its furthest away for New Yorkers – especially if you live in either a penthouse, condo, or co-op. Dealing with restoration, along with renovating in NYC, is like no other place in the world – NYTDR can help! Here are some tips to help.

  • Place wood blocks or aluminum foil between furniture legs and wet carpet so that it will stay in place
  • Do not leave colored items on the wet carpet or floors like books and magazines 
  • Do not turn on any appliances like a TV or ceiling fan and shut off any electronics if they were affected by water 
  • Disinfect anything that came into contact with the water 
  • Open all doors and windows to improve ventilation
  • Use a wet vacuum, fans, dehumidifiers, and desiccants to help dry out your home
  • Make a specific list of the damage that was caused by water damage and take pictures 
  • Check your insurance to see what is covered 
  • Do your research & hire trustworthy experts to refurbish your apartment successfully

Regardless of the severity of damage your home has suffered, take a deep breath. Call NYTDR for a NO OBLIGATION (Free) consultation to take a look at your home damage. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions, send us an email, info@nytdr.com or call us at 202-206-1300. We look forward to seeing you!



Moshe Amos

Moshe has more over 15 years as a licensed contractor in the New York City area. 

As a New York State-licensed Mold Assessor, he is especially knowledgeable about mold assessment and remediation.


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